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 Why we love what we do


ChestChatter was founded in December of 2021 by Bob and his son David, together they are cofounders of ChestChatter T-Shirts.  They formed this company as a side project, but it quickly became a passion and fun way to work together.  David's partner Kaimakani became involved after Bob and David realized that they are not as creative as they thought they were.  Kai is the designer of the t-shirts that we design, create, and sell. David still is on the creative team to support her and come up with his own designs.

ChestChatter is proud to sell t-shirts that have our own designs on them. but we are also excited to help our customers create custom t-shirts.  We will help you step-by-step through the process of bringing your custom t-shirts to life.  We have many styles, colors, and materials for our shirts that will fit all unique styles.

Thank you for sharing in our passion.

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